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Album Review: Twilight Dementia – Dragonforce



Release: 2010

Artist: Dragonforce

Label: Spinefarm

Track Listing: [Disc 1] 1) Heroes of Our Time 2) Operation Ground and Pound 3) Reasons to Live 4) Fury of the Storm 5) Fields of Despair 6) Starfire 7) Soldiers of the Wasteland

[Disc 2] 1) My Spirit Will Go On 2) Where Dragons Go On 3) The Last Journey Home 4) Valley of the Damned 5) Strike of the Ninja 6) Through the Fire and the Flames

As Dragonforce part ways with their vocalist, ZP Theart, a double live album is the perfect device to stall time whilst they search for a new frontman and begin work on their next album. Thankfully that’s not the purpose of this release, we’re reminded more than enough times during the record by Theart that they were recording for an upcoming live CD. So thankfully a lot of consideration has gone into this and it’s not one of those cheap undercooked ‘live’ records designed to merely cash in on loyal fans.

The good news is that the track-listing captures the magic of all four studio albums and all their classic tracks can be found here. The nit-pick is that the individual performances, although tight and polished, don’t stray from the original studio versions. So what’s the point then? Well for a start this is Dragonforce trying to prove themselves in an area where they’ve been criticised over their career.

Previous live recordings and bootlegs across the web have all been rather disappointing and as fast as the band are, they didn’t seem to be that great live at all: guitars out of tune and Theart seeming to struggle with his vocals. However, those who witnessed the ‘force on their recent Ultra Beatdown world tour, including myself, will have seen that they have greatly improved and matured onstage. Thankfully the recordings on show here come from the finalUKleg of that tour.

Production-wise the album is top-notch and has been mixed to perfection. Despite the tracks sounding almost identical to their studio counterparts, the live energy comes through and some of the mid-song comedy banter has been included. Theart does come across as arrogant and irritating, squeezing as many expletives as he can during and between songs. Having said that, his vocal performance throughout is floorless, but it’s easy to see why the band may have decided to give him the boot.

This is going to appeal more to those who witnessed the band on their recent tour and want a slice of that on their ipod. Due to the song selection though, this is a great introduction to Dragonforce for those wanting something in the way of a greatest hits compilation. This is a great release from a band that has had a bad reputation live, but this should set the record straight and silence the doubters who refuse to take the band seriously.


Rating: [8/10]



1)      Heroes of Our Time

2)      Through the Fire and the Flames

3)      Starfire


Reviewed by: Daniel Aston, 14/11/2010